With technology scaling greater heights and new products and services coming to the fore everyday,there is every chance of the same being replicated. Legal and technical knowledge, regarding these matters thus becomes important, making enforcement of intellectual property rights a necessity to establish market dominance.

It is well known that the relaxation of tariff barriers has increased the flow of goods from various countries into the Indian markets, thereby intensifying competition. Abuse of Intellectual Property (IP) is a massive global problem. Protection and enforcement requires a global solution. Apart from delivering qualitative products and services, it becomes necessary to protect innovations through appropriate Intellectual Property Rights tools bringing healthy competitiveness into the global market.

Is piracy rampant in India ?

Piracy has become a major problem due to rapid advances in technology &recent liberalisation of the Indian economy which has resulted in the Indian market being flooded with various multinational brands. This has created an ideal market for people trying to misuse existing brand values that have been cultivated & nurtured by companies over the years & it has assumed alarming proportions all over the country. Most countries are trying to meet this challenge by taking stringent legislative and enforcement measures. The object of a 'pirate' is to make a quick a quick buck and avoid payment of legitimate taxes and loyalties. Books, recorded music, video cassettes of films, T.V programmes, computer programs, brand names for jeans, sun glasses etc. (the list is endless)are reproduced, distributed, sold on a massive scale without any remuneration to the authors, artists, publishers, producers or manufacturers concerned. It is estimated that loss of the owners of IPR (copyright, trademarks and patents) and to the Government (in terms of tax evasion) amounts to 100's of crores of rupees annually. EIPR India adds a new dimension to the anti-piracy industry with the capability to combat this evil in the society.

Who are EIPR ?

EIPR is India's largest investigation agency specialising in anti-counterfeiting solutions. We specialise in the field of combating the growing menace of counterfeit goods and products by offering services such as IPR Investigations, Grey marketing evaluations, Pretext purchases, Litigations support & Multi Jurisdictional RaidActions.

A team of eminent and experienced personnel in matters relating to enforcement, in various public and government sectors have come together to form EIPR (India) Pvt. Ltd. with the sole aim of curbing piracy.

EIPR is the first to put India's excellent copyright and intellectual property rights law to good use, for the benefit of the manufacturers, artists, entertainment industry, software developers scientists intellectuals, creative thinkers, and the nation of India as a whole. EIPR bridges the gap between having knowledge of, and implementation of legislations pertaining to copyrights, Patents or trademark rights. We firmly endorse the old adage - Prevention is better than cure.

EIPR has an all India presence, with its head office being located at Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. EIPR branch offices are located at Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. Including operations in Bangladesh with an office in Dhaka.

The Main Focus

EIPR's main focus is to reduce the rampant duplication widely prevalent today, by the means of stringent enforcement measures being adopted right from the point of origin to the point of landing.

Why EIPR are Effective

This is effectively and easily achieved via EIPR's strong All - India wide network of highly trained, skilled staff, as also their strategic tie-ups with other competent enforcement agencies in various other Asian countries.

How does EIPR work ?

EIPR works on the basis of concrete evidence and research gathered by its experts on the field. We get down to the grass root level and generate information by :

 Mapping prior knowledge.
 Indentifying protected zones.
 Evaluating vulnerability of barriers raised via claims.
 Formulating research proposals and work plans.
  Competitor monitoring.
 Planning oppositions, blocking modes.
 Collaborating if necessary, eg : cross licensing.
 Providing legal assistance and enforcement.
 Handling all legal proceedings.
 Policing the company's or clients' rights.
 Creating support system for attorneys, IPR authorities, National, International agencies etc.
 Covering every belt in India for strategic alliances to exploit expertise and facilities.
 Evolving new modes of managing clients with our professional approach.
 Involving clients in National / International seminars and conferences and keeping them aware on      various updates of the Intellectual Property Rights. Patenting and Trademark registration etc.

EIPR is a leading global provider of a broad range of specialized products and services designed to supply solutions to a variety of security and information needs. EIPR provides governments, businesses and individuals with information, analysis, training, advice and products to mitigate the growing risks associated with white -collar crimes, misuse of property, intrusions to computer networks, e-commerce site construction and usage, fraud, physical attacks, threats, violence, and uninformed decisions based upon incomplete or inaccurate information. The Company is organized into three primary business groups: Investigations and Intelligence Group, I.P.R. Security and Services Group and Information Security Group.

The Investigations & Intelligence Group provides intellectual property protection and investigation, fraud investigations, due diligence, litigation support, computer forensics and integrity consulting services as well as providing business intelligence gathering and analysis to corporations, financial institutions, law firms and governments.


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