Who is EIPR ?

EIPR is the one of the first IPR firms in India, specialised in the field of combating the growing menace of counterfeit goods and products, a large portion of which flow in from various other Asian countries, including China, Malaysia and Taiwan, amongest many others.

A team of eminent and experienced personnel in matters relating to enforcement, in various public and government sectors have come together to form EIPR (India) Pvt. Ltd. with the sole aim of curbing piracy.

Why is combating brand theft important ?

Brand loyalty is nurtured over time through reliable quality and the price/value relationship. When the trust between a brand and consumer is broken because of a counterfeit product, consumers begin to distrust the brand. If consumers no longer trust the brand, they will no longer buy it.

What is the potential impact of brand theft ?

Brand theft can siphon revenue and dilute profits along with the risks associated with inconsistent product quality and wide price swings. Brand theft can potentially bring about liability issues resulting in legal proceedings if the product inside the package has been altered, switched or counterfeited.

Where does brand theft occur ?

Brand theft can occur anywhere in the global marketplace. The Asian market for instance, has over 2 billion potential consumers along with the highest concentration of brand theft manufacturing activities. In total, counterfeit items are being sold in more than 50 countries and represent five percent of worldwide commerce.

How does a brand owner begin the process of protecting a corporate brand ?

The first step in protecting a brand is recognizing that brand theft does and can exist. Working with EIPR, brand owners can develop a suite of technology-neutral solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of the brand owner. These steps initially involve selling a brand security plan to senior management, creating a team within the organization to assess the situation, define the program's objective, find the right security solution and decide what to do.

How does EIPR security features help a consumer distinguish between counterfeit and genuine products ?

The level of consumer participation in a brand theft scenario will depend upon the type of security technique(s) chosen by a brand owner. Techniques using holograms, complex-printing patterns, revealing inks, Point of Purchase (POP) scans at check-out, and supply chain track/trace systems all help to deliver a genuine product to the consumer.

What brands or products can be protected using the suite of EIPR solutions ?

Almost any brand can be protected using EIPR's BrandTheft Solutions™. These solutions include analyzing a customer's counterfeit and diversion priorities; developing specialized programs for franchise brands; providing multi-layered security options for use on primary or secondary packaging or on products; providing application equipment; and evaluating program effectiveness through field surveillance, data collection and feedback.

What portion of the supply chain does EIPR occupy ?

EIPR is a service based organization empowered with effective, customizable solutions to deter counterfeiting, diversion, duplication, substitution, tampering and related criminal activities that cost brand owners billions in annual brand revenue anywhere in the supply chain.

What laws exist to protect brands in India ?

The Trademark & Copyright Act in India are perhaps as stringent a criminal provision as could be found anywhere else in the world. There is a misconception that there is large scale corruption in the Police and prosecution authorities in India. There is no blatant corruption as there are safeguards provided and with a vigilant company overseeing operations, there is no possibility of corrupt practices by the agencies. The only handicap in all criminal prosecution are prolonged and delayed. However, in every case initiated by EIPR, the counterfeiters, be they manufacturers or retailers have invariably been arrested and kept in custody for the maximum period prescribed by law.

How to contact EIPR for more information?

Our head office is at 3rd Flr, Cambata Building, Above EROS theatre, Jamshetji Tata Road, Churchgate, Mumbai-400 020. We have branch offices at Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. You can contact our head office with phone number +91-22-6630 8495 / 96 / 97, email us at info@antipiracy-india.com & visit us at www.antipiracy-india.com