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Protection, and enforcement require a global solution.EIPR provide both, the resources and the all-India reach to implement a program of strategic and tactical responses to IP issues, wherever they occur.


EIPR's total commitment to the cause is translated into a host of activities which can be conducted on behalf of the client and can provide thorough insights and IPR investigative expertise in matters relating to :

1) Grey market evaluation - To compile and precisely analyse relevant data about counterfeiting and fraud from grey market situations.

2) Multi-jurisdictional raid actions - Simultaneous raid actions and seizures across jurisdictions are conducted, to shut down counterfeit production lines and distribution channels.

3) Pretext Purchases - EIPR devise and implement pretext purchases and sting operations against counterfeiters and associated companies.

4) Permanent Monitoring - EIPR place your trademarks and brands on a 'watch-list' and alert you to sightings of suspected counterfeit or grey market product.

5) Liaison with existing clients - We workwith clients to build an alliance of companies with similar products and intellectual property problems, in order to organise coordinated allied raids.

6) Litigation support - We provide intelligence support for administrative sanctions, civil lawsuits and private criminal prosecutions against counterfeiters.

7) Tactical Publicity & Lobbying Campaigns - We assist in orchestrating public relations and publicity campaigns or events, to spotlight major infringements, significant arrests, and penalties suffered by infringers. The aim is to generate maximum pressure on authorities in the infringing country.

8) Strategic Publicity Campaigns - EIPR collaborates with clients to gain domestic publicity for the intellectual property war. We assist in organizing media campaigns and events such as press conferences, prime interviews and seminars, to spotlight the issues. We stress health and safety risks of counterfeit goods. Our fact finders help to underline the scale of the problem and damage to domestic business, using anecdotal evidence, photographic material, health and safety examples.

9) Advice on registration (Copyright, Trademark etc) - We review your corporate and product presence in the country and advise on registration requirements to ensure your IP is protected is protected under the local law.

Business Investigations

Business Crimes
Labour Problems
Business Intelligence

EIPR has been synonymous with unmatched quality in investigative services, offering insights and skills that have evolved in India as quickly as the need to protect your business from the latest methods of Fraud, Theft, Labour problems, Crime, etc...

What's hot is business in India today ? Crime, Theft, Labour problems, Fraud could be quoted. EIPR is an All-India organization with insights into local business and with resources everywhere in India. EIPR can help whether your problem involves unwitting involvement in unlawful payments or theft of your trade secrets and intellectual property, embezzlement, or other kinds of threats facing modern business, EIPR consltants can help. We can help you keep control of your rightful property.

Insights and Expertise:

EIPR professionals provide insights and investigative expertise in matters relating to:

Preventing and detecting business and financial fraud, commercial and distribution fraud, whether it has actually occurred or merely suspected. Protecting trade secrets and investigating business crime, employee harassment, corporate crimes, etc. We work closely and confidentially with management and legal counsel to unravel complicated factual issues. Detailed analyses of other key areas, including human resources, labour problems, their causes etc.

Business Intelligence

  Due Diligence
 Employee verification
 New Market Entry & Competitive Intelligence
 Supplier & Vendor Integrity
 Strategic Publicity Campaigns
 Shadowing / Tailing
 Employees Verification
 Financial Capabilities
 Personal Investigation

What you don't know can hurt you.

What you don't know about your competitors, potential business partners, disgruntled ex-employees can cause major damage to your business. But what can you do about it?...

EIPR business intelligence services are strategic instruments to help you better manage your organization. These services are backed by our far-reaching network of investigative and consulting professionals, an in-depth knowledge of the strength and short comings of technology, and our intrinsic knowledge of business strategies and execution. By analyzing, interpreting and explaining the intelligence, we can provide actionable steps that you can take to strengthen and protect your business.

Insights and Expertise:

EIPR focuses on Due Diligence wherein lawyers, accountants and other professionals assess whether the terms of the proposed deal are justified and whether transaction makes sense for future. Employee Verification - It is the people inside the organizations, privy to sensitive information, who pose the greatest risk. A thorough check of employees asking not just where and when a potential employee left his previous employment, but under what circumstances. New Market Entry Evaluation, to provide the pros and cons of entering a new geopraphic area or market. EIPR can help you identify market threats, anticipate competitor initiatives, understand their vulnerabilities and gain advantage in competitive bids. Competitive Intelligence to uncover legitimate information about competitors and device proactive and reative market responses.
Supplier and Vendor Integrity whether it is threatened. If employees seek to enrich themselves by taking gratuities from vendors, if they are getting commissions on every item that goes out of the factory etc. Eventually, according to EIPR, this sort of thing hurts your bottom line. Pre-transaction Intelligence, wherein we use our unique expertise to uncover any hidden issues about an acquisition. This gives a better idea to the company of exactly what kind of relationship you are exerting. From shadowing to tailing, from strategic publicity campaigns to financial capabilities of competitors, we can help you maintain control of your rightful property as well as assess losses and recover damages wherever possible.

Other Services

EIPR business extends to the full range of risk mitigation services including:

 Asset Searching & Analysis
 Business Control Studies
 Business Intelligence
 Business Monitoring
 Computer-Evidence Recovery
 Corporate Compliance
 Corporate Investigations
 Due Diligence
 Employee Disputes
 Employee Integrity Program
 Environmental Investigations
 Forensic Audits
 Financial Fraud Investigations
 High-Technology Security
 Intellectual Property Investigations
 Litigation Support
 Vendor Integrity Program
  Witness Assessment